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Homemade version of outta print, outta site
05/10/97 The Fillmore San Francisco, California
Intro, Misunderstood, Red-Eyed And Blue/ I Got You, Someone Else's Song, Why Would You Wanna Live, Forget The Flowers, That's Not The Issue, Someday Soon, New Madrid, What's The World Got In Store, (Was I) In Your Dreams, Shouldn't Be Ashamed, Hotel Arizona, Monday, Dreamer In My Dreams, Kingpin, Outtasite, The Lonely 1, Sunken Treasure, Gun, Oklahoma USA (kinks), Henry & The H Bombs (Mott The Hoople), Color Me Impressed (Replacements), I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones), Paranoid (J.P. On Vocal), Ziggy Stardust (J.P. on Vocal)+ 20 questions, Box Full Of Letters, Casino Queen + We've Been Had
07/09/99 Loreley Festival Loreley , Germany
1.California Stars 2.I'm Always In Love 3.I Must Be High 4.Hotel Arizona 5.Nothing's Evergonnastandinmyway (again) 6.Red Eyed And Blue 7.I Got You 8.She's A Jar 9.A Shot In The Arm 10.We're Just Friends 11.Misunderstood 12.My Darling 13.Christ For President 14.Can't Stand It 15.Monday
07/03/00 Camden Opera House Camden, Maine disc 1 1.Airline To Heaven 2.Feed Of Man 3.California Stars 4.Christ For President 5.Blood Of The Lamb 6.Remember The Mountainbed 7.Red Eyed and Blue 8.I Got You 9.Someone Else's Song 10.Ashes Of An American Flags 11.How To Fight Loneliness 12.Hotel Arizona 13.I Must Be High 14.She's A Jar 15.A Shot In The Arm disc 2 1.Misunderstood 2.Hesitating Beauty 3.I'm The Man Who Loves You 4.Casino Queen 5.Immigrant Song 6.Outtamind (outtasite) 7.Hoodoo Voodoo
08/12/00 Chicago Tribune-Rock the River Chicago, Illinois
1.Airline To Heaven 2.Feed Of Man 3.Christ For President 4.California Stars 5.Secret Of The Sea 6.Remember The Mountainbed 7.Red-Eyed and Blue/ I Got You/ Someone Else's Song 8.How To Fight Loneliness 9.Hotel Arizona 10.I'm Always In Love 11.She's A Jar 12.A Shot In The Arm 13.Misunderstood disc 2 1.I'm The Man That Loves You 2.Casino Queen 3.Hoodoo Voodoo 4.Outtamind Outtasite
09/15/01 Abbey Pub, Chicago Il
Minus 5: I Know We're Gonna Meet You Retrieval of You A Little Less Like Me Daggers Drawn That's Not the Way That It's Done Days of Wine and Blues I'm Not Bitter You'll Never Win (the Way You Won Again) That Was the Night Chicago Died (I've Got) A Lyrical Stance Wilco: Always in Love War on War Pick Up the Change Should've Been in Love I'm the Man Who Loves You Ashes of American Flags Hesitating Beauty Passenger Side A Shot in the Arm She's a Jar California Stars Outtamind Outtasite Sunken Treasure Minus 5: Modern World I Wish I Was Your Mother (Tweedy vocal) Lies of the Living Dead
11/24/01 The Riviera Chicago, IL
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, War on War, She's a Jar, Why Would You Wanna Live, A Shot in the Arm, Ashes of American Flags, Radio Cure, Kamera, Pot Kettle Black, Misunderstood, Pick Up the Change, One by One, Jesus etc., Heavy Metal Drummer, I'm the Man Who Loves You, I'm Always in Love E1: Sunken Treasure, Far Far Away, California Stars E2: Can't Stand It, I Got You (At the End of the Century), Outtamind (Outtasite)
11/28/01 Moore Theatre Seattle, WA
1. I am trying to break your heart 2. War on War 3. She's a Jar 4. A shot in the arm 5. Ashes of an American Flag 6. Radio Cure 7. Kamera 8. Pot Kettle Black 9. Misunderstood 10. Pick Up The Change 11. One By One 12. Jesus, etc. 13. Heavy Metal Drummer 14. I"m The Man Who Loves You 14. I'm Always In Love (Scott McCaughey) Encore 1: 1. Sunken Treasure 2. Far Far Away 3. California Stars (Scott McCaughey) Encore 2: 1. Red Eyed & Blue 2. I Got You 3. Outta Site (Scott McCaughey)